Fedor Chudinov defeated Rino Liebenberg by decision

Fedor Chudinov defeated Rino Liebenberg by decision

A few minutes ago, in St. Petersburg, the holder of the WBA Gold belt in the second middleweight champion Fedor Chudinov had a duel with a boxer from South Africa Rino Liebenberg.

The fight turned out to be quite competitive. Already from the starting seconds, the fighters began to beat each other at close and medium distances, completely forgetting about clinching. Chudinov was more accurate, every second of his blow reached the goal, more and more breaking the face of a staunch opponent. Liebenberg showed serious shortcomings in technique, which he tried to compensate for with pressure and spirituality. Occasionally, the Russian still missed direct and side strikes, but the lack of power in them made him not worry about gaps in Chudinov’s defense. In the 9th round, the Russian sent Liebenberg to the canvas with a series of left hooks, and at the end of the fight, tired boxers, having bitten a mouthpiece, presented the fans with a furious exchange, which delighted the audience in the hall.

Result: Fedor Chudinov defeated Rino Liebenberg by unanimous decision (116-111, 119-108, 118-109)

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