Fever and health problems: Harvey Weinstein does not have Covid-19

Fever and health problems: Harvey Weinstein does not have Covid-19

Ex-film mogul Harvey Weinstein, arrested for sexual offenses, is not healthy. No, he is even said to suffer from numerous complaints. However, infection with the coronavirus is not one of them. A corresponding suspicion has been dispelled.

Former film mogul Harvey Weinstein did not contract the corona virus. Several US media report this unanimously.

One could explain “that Mister Weinstein’s fever has fallen”, but he will continue to be “closely monitored”, according to a statement that a spokesman for the 68-year-old and a representative of the prison authorities published jointly according to the “Los Angeles Times”. In addition, one could “report that he currently has no Covid-19”.

Earlier this week it was reported that Weinstein had been isolated and tested. One could not comment on individual cases, it said on the part of the competent authority for the care, accommodation and rehabilitation of prison inmates in the US state of New York. However, anyone who shows symptoms of Covid-19 will be immediately isolated and tested.

From heart problems to high blood pressure

Even if Weinstein does not suffer from Covid-19, he still has “an abundance” of health problems that are getting worse and need to be treated, it was now said. He is currently being looked after by the medical staff at the maximum security prison where Weinstein is being held.

According to the speakers of the former film producer, Weinstein suffers from “heart problems, high blood pressure and spinal stenosis”. Weinstein’s health was already an issue in the trial against him earlier this year. He looked frail and appeared in court with a walker. Following his conviction in February, he was admitted to Bellevue Hospital for high blood pressure and a racing heart.

Weinstein, whose offenses had set the “MeToo” movement rolling, had been sentenced to 23 years in prison in February 2020. A jury found him guilty of sexual assault and rape. In October, he was also charged in California on six other counts, including three rape cases. If convicted, he faces up to 140 years in prison.

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