Filming “Mission: Impossible 7”: Tom Cruise is annoyed with gawkers

Filming “Mission: Impossible 7”: Tom Cruise is annoyed with gawkers

Shoot “Mission: Impossible 7”

Tom Cruise is annoyed with gawkers

When Tom Cruise makes a new film, there is always something to watch. Apparently that was also the opinion of a few onlookers who romped about illegally on the set of “Mission: Impossible 7” in England. The Hollywood star should not have been happy about that.

As if filming under adverse corona conditions as a 58-year-old action star weren’t difficult enough, Tom Cruise had to deal with unwanted bystanders on the set of “Mission: Impossible 7” to make matters worse. As the British “The Sun” reports, several people are said to have gained access to the locked location in a quarry in Yorkshire, England. Cruise is said to have notified the security forces who eventually escorted the intruders out of the location.

Gaffers have already hindered the shoot several times and also put themselves in danger, it is said. “The Sun” learned from an employee: “The set is so huge that it is impossible to lock it off completely. This is why intruders who tried to climb up the scaffolding and fixtures that were set up there for the stunts were able to get inside. ” Because similar incidents had already occurred last week, thought should now be given to increasing security even further, it is said.

Theatrical release planned for May 2022

Apart from the fact that this unauthorized entry is a “security nightmare”, Cruise and Co. cannot afford any further shooting delays. The strip has been in the making since February 2020, but production had to be interrupted several times due to the corona pandemic and the cinema release postponed. It is currently planned to bring “Mission: Impossible 7” to theaters in May 2022.

In the film, Cruise slips into the role of special agent Ethan Hunt once more. The “Mission: Impossible” franchise is one of the most successful film series of all time. It is already planned to realize an eighth part.

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