First appearance as a couple: Weinstein’s ex-wife shows up with Adrien Brody

First appearance as a couple: Weinstein’s ex-wife shows up with Adrien Brody

First appearance as a couple

Weinstein’s ex-wife shows up with Adrien Brody

Rumors of a relationship between Harvey Weinstein’s ex-wife and actor Adrien Brody have been around for a long time. Now the two appear together in public for the first time. In New York, the fashion designer and the Hollywood star walk the red carpet as a couple.

The ex-wife of former Hollywood mogul and now convicted sex offender Harvey Weinstein, Georgina Chapman, first appeared publicly with her new partner – actor Adrien Brody. The two walked arm in arm on the red carpet at the New York Tribeca Festival over the weekend.

The first rumors about a relationship between the two emerged in autumn 2019. Ironically, the two are said to know each other through Weinstein. The fallen film mogul and the Hollywood star worked together for the films “The Hollywood Conspiracy” and “Jailbreakers”. It is said to have sparked between Chapman and Brody at an event in Puerto Rico, of which there are photos of them sitting at a table with cocktails and conversing intimately.

The fashion designer Chapman and Weinstein met and fell in love in 2003, when the producer was married to his first wife. In 2007 they said yes. They have two children together: nine year old India and three years younger Dashiell.

After more than 90 women accused Weinstein of sexual harassment, Chapman announced in October 2017 that he was divorcing Weinstein. She feels with all the women “who have suffered immeasurable suffering through inexcusable actions,” she said in an interview with “People” magazine.

After the divorce, the 45-year-old told the fashion magazine “Vogue” that she did not want to be seen as another victim of her ex-husband, “because I do not believe that I am one.” She is “a woman in a shitty situation, but not in a unique one.”

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