First Lady says goodbye: Melania Trump is “disappointed and discouraged”


First Lady says goodbye
Melania Trump is “disappointed and discouraged”

After the outbreak of violence in and around the US Capitol, President’s wife Melania Trump vented her disappointment. After a long silence, she clearly distances herself from those involved in the storming of the parliament building – and says goodbye to her role as first lady.

First Lady Melania Trump has broken her silence since the outbreak of violence by supporters of the elected US President Donald Trump at the US Capitol. “I am disappointed and discouraged about what happened last week,” she said in a detailed statement. “It is edifying to see that so many have found a passion and enthusiasm for participating in an election, but we must not allow passion to turn into violence,” the statement said. “Our way forward is to find what we have in common and to be the kind and strong people that I know we are.”

Melania Trump expressed her condolences to the relatives of the dead in the context of the violent storming of the Capitol, naming first the participants who died and then the two police officers, one of whom died off duty. She also complained that there had been “lewd gossip, unjustified personal assaults and false, misleading allegations” against her in connection with the events at the Capitol. She then condemned the violence.

“Honor of my life”

“Our nation must heal in a civil way,” said the First Lady. “I fully condemn the violence that has taken place at our nation’s Capitol. Violence is never allowed.” As an American, she is proud that there is the freedom in the USA to express one’s own views without fear of persecution. Different political positions should never be the basis for “aggression and malice”.

Melania Trump also used her statement to thank the millions of Americans who supported her and her husband over the past four years, shortly before the end of Donald Trump’s tenure on Jan. “It has been the honor of my life to serve as your first lady.”

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