First six pack, then Plauze: Mark Wahlberg eats himself weight

First six pack, then Plauze: Mark Wahlberg eats himself weight

First six pack, then plauze

Mark Wahlberg eats weight

His new film “Father Stu” obviously demands a lot from Mark Wahlberg. He has to train hard for his role and then put on a lot of weight in just a few weeks. He now presents the difference in a before-and-after comparison.

Mark Wahlberg is hardly recognizable: For his new feature film “Father Stu”, the otherwise well-trained actor gained around nine kilos.

The 49-year-old demonstrates this physical transformation on his Instagram account. He also posted a before and after collage. While Wahlberg is still muscled and slim in the first photo, nothing can be seen of a six-pack in the second snapshot.

According to Wahlberg’s caption, there should be only three weeks between the two shots. The Hollywood star reveals that he owes the rapid increase to the cooking skills of food blogger and private chef Lawrence Duran.

Not there yet

At the beginning of April Wahlberg was on the show “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” as a guest and already chatted some details about his upcoming film project. In “Father Stu” he will play a man named Stuart Long, who starts a career as a boxer, but later also tries his hand at acting and after an accident finally becomes a pastor. “He died of a rare disease, IBM, but he made a big impact on a lot of people in a short space of time,” said the actor. The clergyman died in 2014 after a fight against the inflammatory muscle disease IBM (inclusion body myositis).

Wahlberg has not yet reached his goal with his weight. In total, he wanted to gain 13 kilos, as he revealed in an interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Well-being should be in the foreground: The filmmakers would have wanted “that I do it as healthy as possible,” said Wahlberg. It is not yet known when and whether the strip will start in German cinemas or be offered on a streaming service.

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