First speech to Europeans: Biden: Partnership with Europe is a “cornerstone”


First speech to Europeans
Biden: partnership with Europe is a “cornerstone”

The new US President Biden extends his hand to the Europeans: The US is determined to work together again. At the same time he called for defending democracy. In the struggle with autocratic systems, the world is at a historical point.

US President Joe Biden has described the United States’ partnership with Europe as the “cornerstone” of American foreign policy. “America is back,” said Biden on a video link at the Munich Security Conference. The US and Europe would work closely together to face common global challenges, Biden said.

“I know the past few years have strained and tested our transatlantic alliance. But the United States is determined to work with Europe again,” said Biden. A free, prosperous and peaceful Europe continues to be a core concern of the United States.

Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, had terminated international treaties, made the advantage of his own country a maxim and alienated allies in a row. Relations with Germany also became increasingly frosty under Trump. The new US president now wants to initiate a change of course. He advocates a return to international organizations and agreements and wants to work more closely with traditional US allies again.

In his speech, Biden was also about to cope with major challenges such as the corona pandemic to strengthen democracy. The world is at a “turning point” in the competition between autocratic forms of rule and democracy. Democracy is “the best way” to use the opportunities of the future and must therefore prevail as a form of government. “We have to show that democracies are still good for our people,” said the US President. “Democracy does not happen by chance. We have to defend, strengthen and renew it.” As long as democratic states worked together, they could face any challenge and rival.

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