five rules of education of real aristocrats from Kate Middleton

five rules of education of real aristocrats from Kate Middleton

Charlotte, daughter of the Dukes of Cambridge, turns 6. But she is already a true upbringing princess.

Among the old British aristocracy from Victorian times, they say that “children should be seen, not heard.” But how to achieve obedience, when your family lives under the sights of cameras, and the rods and “leave without supper” have receded into the deep past?

The Duchess of Cambridge seems to know the answer to this question. Moreover, she herself is not at all an aristocrat – she was just lucky to marry a prince.

Authority for children

Journalists, often filming the royal family of Great Britain, amicably note: the children of Kate and William are well brought up. They rarely allow themselves to be naughty in public.

One of England’s most sought-after child psychologists, Dr. Rebecca Schiko, believes Kate’s mom is using an “authoritative parenting style.” This means that it is unthinkable for George, Charlotte and baby Louis to disobey their mother.

Although the duchess herself noted with a laugh that she would gladly consult with an expert on how to cope with tantrums in the family.

But still. What can you see from Kate Middleton, like a mother of three well-bred children?

She can make a public comment. But softly

One day, Prince George began to play naughty in a place that was definitely not intended for this – at the wedding of his aunt Pippa. Right in front of the entrance to the church, in the company of the same “wedding pages”.

What did Kate do?

She gently touched her son’s head, drawing attention, raised her finger and said “shhhh” to her mischievous son when the ceremony began in the church.

And, you know, that was enough. George calmed down and even almost cried, which upset his mother. Well, and then Kate hugged him. Happy end.

five rules of education of real aristocrats from Kate Middleton

Kate lets kids be silly sometimes!

Princess Charlotte, who is 6 years old today, also distinguished himself once. And in 2019, she was a funny three-year-old.

Instead of waving to the crowd at the Royal Charity Regatta, the toddler stuck out her tongue insolently. Well, yes, not the style of the princess of the House of Windsor.

But it was so funny that Kate’s mom laughed along with hundreds of other people.

five rules of education of real aristocrats from Kate Middleton

Kate and William communicate with children, down to the level of their eyes.

There are several photos in which the Duke and his wife explain something to the children, squatting down. What for?

To make eye contact – eye to eye.

According to Dr. Shiko, Kate has a wonderful balance of sensitivity and delicate boundaries. She does not expect them to behave like little adults and knows that children go through completely natural stages, such as tantrums.

But at the same time he clearly outlines the boundaries of what is permissible. Kate’s raised index finger is enough for the kids to stop and think.

“It shows firmness and warmth – no persuasion, no anger,” says Dr. Shiko.

five rules of education of real aristocrats from Kate Middleton

Kate knows how to stop childish tantrums

The Duchess says to her children, “Let’s take a break.” And allows them to calm down with a puzzle or a book.

However, if the breakdown occurs in public, Kate quickly picks up her children and speaks calmly.

Photo source: Legion-Media

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