Floyd Mayweather pinned Pacquiao after his fight with Logan Paul

Floyd Mayweather pinned Pacquiao after his fight with Logan Paul

Former world champion in five weight categories, Floyd Mayweather, after an exhibition duel with video blogger Logan Paul, did not fail to hurt his principal rival Manny Pacquiao. The 44-year-old American veteran said that the 42-year-old Filipino continues to fight for money, while at one time he earned enough and successfully invested his funds, so that today he can not worry about the future.

“Pacquiao has to fight at his age, and it’s sad. I’m financially secure. I want everyone to hear about it. You’ll hear many people say,“ Floyd has to do this. ”No, I’m fine.

I paid for all my property, plane and cars. I own billions of dollars of buildings, I have a lot of property. I am constantly investing in a large number of different projects. I invest in the world of technology, I made a lot of smart investments, “- said Floyd Mayweather at a press conference after the fight with Logan Paul.

Recall that Pacquiao has planned a fight against WBC and IBF world champion Errol Spence.

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