Floyd Mayweather says he was robbed

Floyd Mayweather says he was robbed

Former world champion in five weight categories, American Floyd Mayweather Jr. reported that one of his houses in Las Vegas was robbed, and is offering a reward of $ 100,000 for any information that will help in the search for the robbers. According to Mayweather, the attackers took out expensive bags and many other valuable items.

“Home is a place of rest, peace and comfort. When someone violates your sanctuary, it is unsettling and painful. One of my houses in Las Vegas was robbed. Many expensive bags and other valuable items were stolen.

I offer a reward of at least $ 100,000 for information that will lead to the return of my property. The level of disrespect and greed required for such an act is unimaginable. Thanks to everyone who will provide at least some information, ”Mayweather wrote on Instagram.

As a reminder, Floyd Mayweather hasn’t played professionally since 2017. The last fight took place in August this year, defeating the former UFC champion in two weight divisions Irishman Conor McGregor by technical knockout.

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