Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul hit stats

Floyd Mayweather vs Logan Paul hit stats

An exhibition duel between the legendary ex-world champion in five weight categories Floyd Mayweather and the popular video blogger Logan Paul ended this morning at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The fight lasted all eight rounds and ended without a winner being announced.

According to the CompuBox system, Floyd Mayweather threw 107 punches in the entire fight, of which 43 reached the goal. Paul was much more active, but hit fewer – 217 thrown and 28 accurate hits. The opponents reported the same number of jabs – 7 each, but Mayweather outweighed Paul in power hits – 36 against 21.

Paul delivered more accurate shots than his opponent in the first and seventh rounds. At the same time, 44-year-old Mayweather never missed more than five punches per round. In the fifth three minutes, Floyd delivered 10 accurate punches – this is the maximum number of hits in one round in this fight.

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