Folieri reveals the true reason for breaking up with Hathaway

Folieri reveals the true reason for breaking up with Hathaway

The actress literally fled from under the aisle.

Former lover of actress Anne Hathaway Rafaello Folieri told reporters the real reason for breaking up with the star. In the 2000s, the couple Ann and Rafaello was one of the brightest. Fans of the actress around the world were eagerly awaiting the wedding of the lovers. But the celebration was not destined to happen: Hathaway fled literally from under the aisle at the last moment.

The other day, Folieri gave an interview in which he explained what really happened between him and Anne. Rafaello himself confessed – he was sure that these feelings will always exist.

“Annie’s last words were, ‘I will love you forever,’ and we ended the conversation. It was at 2 a.m. on June 24, 2008. I was arrested at 6 am. I never spoke to Annie again ”, – quotes Folieri PageSix.

The very next morning, Folieri was arrested on suspicion of fraud: he deceived investors, calling himself a representative of the Vatican. It was then that Hathaway realized that her career and her own reputation are more important to her.

For this decision, Rafaello is not angry with the actress.

“She never wrote to me, did not support me. But I think she made the right decision. It was more important for her to save her own career, ”he said.

Photo source: Legion-media

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