For corona vaccine research: Germany is the second largest vaccine investor


For corona vaccine research
Germany is the second largest vaccine investor

Never before has a vaccine been developed as quickly as that against the coronavirus. This would not have been possible without large sums of money. Now a study reveals how much public money has flowed into research: Germany and America have invested the most by far.

The USA and Germany are by far the largest donors in the development of corona vaccines. The two countries have provided a total of 3.7 billion US dollars (3.16 billion euros), according to a list by the Center for Global Health at the University Institute for International Studies and Development in Geneva. The USA invested almost 2.2 billion US dollars, Germany 1.5 billion US dollars from the state treasury. This is followed by Great Britain, which comes in at 500 million US dollars. In total, the center lists investments of 5.9 billion US dollars.

According to this list, 98.12 percent of research funding came from public sources. However, the Center stresses that insufficient information is available regarding investments by pharmaceutical companies. Their contribution is likely to be underrepresented in the list, writes the center, as is investments from countries in which their own vaccines have been or are being developed.

The biggest recipients were companies like Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Biontech / Pfizer, Curevac and the University of Oxford, which helped develop Astrazeneca’s vaccine.

The Geneva center also keeps track of manufacturing and sales contracts. The data situation is even more complicated, it said. No prices were available for 71 percent of the contracts. From the prices that were released, according to the center, it appears that the Biontech / Pfizer vaccine costs between $ 6.75 and $ 23.50 per dose, the Moderna drug between $ 15 and $ 18 and the Astrazeneca funds between $ 2.50 and $ 8.00. The Chinese vaccine Sinopharm costs between $ 18.55 and $ 35.72 per dose.

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