For divorce from Courteney Cox: David Arquette apologizes to daughter


For divorce from Courteney Cox
David Arquette apologizes to daughter

They were once considered a dream couple, but after eleven years of marriage, Courteney Cox and David Arquette divorced in 2013. They get along well again today. But the 49-year-old now apologizes for how difficult the time must have been for their daughter Coco.

US actors Courteney Cox and David Arquette had been married for eleven years when they announced their separation in October 2010. After many failed attempts to save the relationship, they finally filed for divorce in 2013. And although their marriage breakup is considered one of the most peaceful separations in Hollywood and the ex-couple has always remained connected, a divorce is always a burden for children.

David Arquette knows that too. In an interview with the British newspaper “The Guardian”, the 49-year-old replied to the question of whom he was “most likely to apologize to and why”: “To my daughter Coco, because divorces are so difficult.” He and Cox should have pulled themselves together for the then six-year-old. Today he and Cox have “a really good relationship”. However, it was today’s teenager, because of whom they initially “communicated a lot,” he once revealed to “People” magazine.

“Don’t wanna be your mother”

The dry alcoholic explained the reason for the divorce that Cox couldn’t stand his strange antics. “She said to me: ‘I don’t want to be your mother anymore’. And that’s what I appreciate about her. She didn’t say: ‘Don’t do that.’ She just didn’t want to nag anymore. “

Courteney Cox and David Arquette met on the set of the film “Scream” in 1996, and they got married in 1999. For the fifth sequel to the horror flick, which is due to appear in 2022, the two were back in front of the camera together. “Entertainment Tonight” recently revealed to Cox that she was looking forward to filming with her ex. “David and I love each other so much and we get along so well.” They are “very close friends,” she confirmed Arquette’s earlier statements.

Meanwhile, both Cox and Arquette, who have a joint production company and often work together, are happily forgiven again. Shortly after their scandal-free divorce in 2013, the “Friends” star began a relationship with Johnny McDaid, the front man of the British band Snow Patrol. In June 2014, the couple announced their engagement, only to be called off a few months later. However, they are still in a relationship. Arquette has been married to journalist Christina McLarty since 2015.

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