Forced nude scenes on set ?: Court drops lawsuit against Franco


Forced nude scenes on set?
Court drops lawsuit against Franco

Hollywood star James Franco has long been criticized for sexually molesting two women in his drama school. Because of alleged “exploitative sexual situations” the two bring the director to court. Now the lawsuit is surprisingly dropped.

Actor James Franco has apparently reached an out-of-court settlement with two women who accused him of sexual harassment. This is reported, among other things, by the “New York Times”. In a 2019 lawsuit, the former drama students alleged, among other things, that Franco had intimidated them through “exploitative sexual situations” and abused his power in an acting and film school he founded.

The students were supposed to play sex scenes in front of the camera that went far beyond what is common in Hollywood, it said. As actress Sarah Tither-Kaplan reports, Franco is said to have given women speaking roles in his films only if they were willing to shoot nude scenes or to audition naked in courses.

Both sides are said to have declared at the competent court in Los Angeles that an agreement had been reached in the lawsuit filed by the former students of the now closed drama school. Details are not known. The two plaintiffs allegedly dropped their allegations. Franco had denied the allegations against him and described them as “false and inflammatory” according to US media reports.

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