four Russian actresses who are remembered for only one role


Sometimes even brilliant actors become hostages of one, once skillfully played role. As a result, they either have to play the same type of characters or even part with the cinema.

Valentina Rubtsova

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The actress was remembered by the audience for the role of Tanya Sergeeva (Arkhipova) in the TV series “Univer”, “Univer. New hostel “and” SashaTanya “. Valentina dreamed of becoming an actress from a young age, graduated from acting courses, worked in the theater. In 2008, she accidentally found out about the casting for the TV series “Univer”. Valentina decided to try her hand and immediately liked the creators of the series. This role brought her real fame, but, unfortunately, the actress became a hostage to her image. Valentina starred in the sequel to the series called “Univer. New hostel “, later – in the TV series” Sasha Tanya “all in the same role of Tanya. In addition, there are only a couple of not very memorable roles on the account of the actress. As Valentina admitted in an interview, she has a great desire to act in a serious movie.

But there is one problem: such roles, alas, are not offered to her.

Elena Biryukova

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The actress gained fame by playing the main character Masha in the television series “Sasha + Masha”. The series ran from 2002 to 2005. After its completion, Elena starred in about three dozen films, but all of them were either not very successful, or Elena played supporting roles in them. From the entire filmography of the actress after the role of Masha, one can perhaps single out the role of Victoria Vetrova in the film “The Ideal Wife”, which Biryukova played excellently. But this film was broadcast only on TV, and therefore few are familiar with it.

Most viewers, having seen Elena’s photo, will remember exactly their favorite Masha from a familiar series.

Tatiana Kosmacheva

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The pretty brunette was able to win the sympathy of the audience thanks to her role in the popular TV series “Closed School”. This was far from her first role, Tatyana began acting in films at the age of 17, but it was the role of Vika, who managed to get into an elite school only thanks to her own efforts, that brought her fame. After the end of filming in the series, Tatiana became a very popular actress. One or two films with her participation are released annually. Most often these are serials, and Tatyana copes with the roles very well.

But still, most viewers still remember her as Vika Kuznetsova.

Maria Berseneva

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Ten years ago, the actress was easily recognized by almost every Russian viewer. Maria became famous as Margot from the once popular TV series “Margosha”. She began her career as a professional model, but she always dreamed of an acting career. Maria managed to get several cameo roles in films, most often these were the roles of lovers and schemers. “Margosha” made Berseneva famous. After that, Maria performed many roles, but none of them became so successful. In 2016, the actress opened a small business selling toys made by her mother.

And since last year, Maria has become an actress of the Shalom Theater, and today the artist devotes most of her time to theater, not cinema.

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