Fraud allegations – Trump is now even attacking a voting machine company

Fraud allegations – Trump is now even attacking a voting machine company

US President Trump continues to deny his defeat and speaks of massive election fraud. The latest victim of his allegations is Dominion, a company that makes voting machines. What’s up

Donald Trump still refuses to admit his defeat in the US presidential election. Instead, he claims the November 3rd election was fraudulent and that he was cheated out of a second term. Trump’s attorneys are suing the election results in several states, for example in Pennsylvania and Michigan, where a judge has already dismissed the lawsuit as “false and untrustworthy.” In Georgia there will be a recount of the votes because of the close result, in other contested states such as Wisconsin or Arizona Trump would have to pay for a recount himself.

Now the loser in the election has apparently found a new target for his allegations of fraud: Dominion Voting Systems. The company manufactures voting machines and develops voting software. There is no evidence for these allegations either. An overview:

What is Dominion?

Dominion Voting Systems, which specializes in voting technology, was founded in Canada in 2003 and has also been active in the US market for years. Its headquarters are in the Canadian metropolis of Toronto and Denver in the US state of Colorado. The company with around 250 employees produces voting machines and voting software.

According to a study by the University of Pennsylvania, Dominion systems were used by more than 71 million voters in the 2016 US presidential election. This made the company number two after Election Systems & Software.

What allegations does the Trump camp raise?

Trump tweeted without any evidence that Dominion had “deleted” 2.7 million votes cast for him and “exchanged” 435,000 votes from him for his rival Joe Biden. The president cites the right-wing broadcaster One America News Network (OANN), which is known for spreading conspiracy theories, but has not yet put a corresponding report online.

Dominion and US electoral authorities have categorically denied the allegations. In an unprecedented statement last week, government officials said: “There is no evidence that any electoral system has deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or been compromised in any way.” The November 3rd election was “the safest in US history”.

Is Dominion colored politically?

Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani called Dominion a “radical left-wing company” at the weekend. “One of the people there is a big supporter of Antifa.” Giuliani did not provide any evidence to support his claims, which are believed to be based on rumors circulating on the Internet. Dominion describes itself as strictly impartial and insists on “working with all parties”.

Are there connections abroad?

Giuliani also accused Dominion of having “close ties to Venezuela and therefore China” and of using the software of a “Venezuelan company”. The Trump confidante was referring to – like Dominion – Smartmatic, which specializes in voting technology. The company was founded in Florida in 2000 by Antonio Mugica and Roger Piñate, who are from Venezuela. The company’s headquarters are now in London.

Smartmatic emphasizes that there are no ties to any government or party in a country – and no cooperation with Dominion. “Smartmatic has never made software, hardware, or other technology available to Dominion Voting Systems. The two companies are competitors.” Dominion also declares that it does not have any business connections with Smartmatic.

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