Free beer, lottery, sports tickets: “Action Month” is supposed to boost US vaccinations

Free beer, lottery, sports tickets: “Action Month” is supposed to boost US vaccinations

Free beer, lottery, sports tickets

“Action Month” is supposed to boost US vaccinations

The US vaccination campaign is well advanced in international comparison, but it is noticeably slowing down. President Biden still wants to achieve his self-imposed vaccination goal – among other things with the help of sometimes strange actions by states, companies and sports teams.

Free beer, lotto millions, free baseball tickets: The US government is working with companies to step up efforts to achieve President Joe Biden’s next corona vaccination target. Biden announced a “national month of action” to ensure that by Independence Day on July 4th, 70 percent of all adults in the US have received at least the first vaccination against the virus. This currently applies to around 63 percent of adults.

Biden strongly advocated getting a vaccination to get rid of the fear of infection. “All over the world people are desperately wanting a vaccination that any American can get at a neighborhood drugstore for free and without waiting,” said the Democrat. Given the vaccination advances, there will be a “summer of freedom” and “summer of joy”.

Biden also warned, however, that it must be ensured that the number of infections does not rise again in autumn when people are indoors again. The number of daily vaccinations has recently fallen significantly in the USA. Many states, municipalities and companies are already offering lures to increase the vaccination rate again – from raffles for millions in prizes to cruises to shopping vouchers and tickets for sporting events.

“Get vaccinated and have a beer”

Biden announced further incentives, as well as steps to make vaccination easier. For example, parents can get free childcare from several large providers until July 4th while they are receiving a vaccination or recovering from the side effects. To get more African Americans to vaccinate, there should be special vaccination offers in hair and beauty salons run by blacks.

Vice President Kamala Harris and other senior members of the government plan to travel across the country to promote vaccination. The beverage company Anheuser-Busch wants to give vaccinated people a beer on July 4th under certain conditions if the 70 percent vaccination target issued by Biden is reached on Independence Day. Biden said of the action: “Get vaccinated and have a beer.” The supermarket chain Kroger is giving away one million dollars each to five people who get vaccinated in pharmacies in their shops. Ten more vaccinated people can shop for free in the chain’s stores for a year.

Vaccination in the stadium

Biden said Major League Baseball will be offering free tickets to fans who get vaccinated at the stadium. There are vaccination offers on the fringes of games in the professional basketball league NBA and the professional ice hockey league NHL as well as during races in the Nascar motorsport series.

In view of the vaccine skepticism widespread, especially among Republicans, Democrat Biden said of himself and his deputy Harris: “We were elected to be President and Vice-President of all Americans. And I don’t want the country that is already divided into one is being split in a new way – between places where people live free from fear of Covid and places where death and serious illness will return with autumn. ”

Biden emphasized that vaccination had nothing to do with party preference. The first emergency approvals of vaccines were made under his Republican predecessor Donald Trump. “Every American over the age of twelve – no matter where you live, what you believe, who you choose – has the right to be vaccinated. It is your choice.”

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