Freezing rain in Texas: pile-up kills five


Freezing rain in Texas
A pile-up kills five

In Texas, more than 100 vehicles crash into each other because a highway is icy. The accident kills at least five people, and at least 36 are taken to hospital. Quite a few people are locked in their cars when the temperature is below zero.

Several people were killed in a pile-up involving more than 100 vehicles on a Texas freeway. Fort Worth police have now spoken of at least five dead. At least 36 people had to be hospitalized, according to CNN television. The fire department previously reported that several people were trapped in their vehicles during the clashes. The local broadcaster WFAA reported that the accident zone extends over around 2.5 kilometers.

Eyewitness pictures showed numerous cars squashed into one another, as well as large trucks. Some vehicles were pushed together by the force of the impact. According to media reports, rescue workers sometimes had problems fighting their way through the rubble to the trapped. They were concerned that after hours in sub-zero temperatures, they would become hypothermic. A collection center has been set up nearby for families. According to media reports, 14 ambulances were in use.

The pile-up occurred in the morning rush hour around 6 a.m. The trigger was freezing rain and snow. Police urged drivers to be cautious in the face of persistent dangerous weather conditions. The accident caused traffic to build up over a length of more than twelve kilometers.

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