Friends Kudrow Proves Female Friendship Exists

Friends Kudrow Proves Female Friendship Exists

Courtney and Jennifer were there when Lisa Kudrow’s mother passed away.

The most popular sitcom of the 90s featured true female friendship. Friends have become incredibly close off-set as well.

The performer of the role of Phoebe, actress Lisa Kudrow, told another story confirming that real female friendship does happen.

Friends Kudrow Proves Female Friendship Exists

Last year, Kudrow’s mother unexpectedly passed away. This happened at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The actress is not sure that her mother died from the virus, but at the funeral of her beloved mother, Lisa had to keep aloof. The women who came to honor the memory tried not to come close to Kudrow.

“I asked the rabbi to announce, please do not hug or touch anyone, because we were in the emergency room and there was no COVID protocol,” the actress said.

Friends Kudrow Proves Female Friendship Exists

A particularly touching moment was the arrival of her popular friends Courtney Cox and Jennifer Aniston.

“These women came to support, it was really nice. They came to the funeral, it didn’t get much attention, but they were there, ”Lisa shared on The Howard Stern Show.

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