From April 19, Joe Biden plans to offer vaccinations to all adults


More than half a million people have died from or with the coronavirus in the United States. Now US President Biden is pressing the accelerator and promising quick successes.

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Vaccination without “confusing restrictions”: In the USA, all adults should be able to make an appointment for a corona vaccination in less than two weeks. “We are making incredible progress,” said US President Joe Biden in the White House on Tuesday. “As of April 19, every adult in every state, every adult in this country is eligible to stand in line to get a corona vaccination.” Other countries should also benefit from the vaccination success of the Americans, as Biden made clear. But that shouldn’t be ready for a few months.

With the nationwide lifting of the graduation of those eligible for vaccination soon, Biden is sending another sign to the population that the US is on the right track in the pandemic. As usual, he linked the good news with a warning. The virus continues to spread because too many people believe that they have already reached the finish line.

“Let me be dead serious about you: we’re not at the finish line,” said Biden. New variants of the coronavirus spread quickly, the number of new infections is increasing again and the number of new admissions to hospitals is no longer falling. Even if more and more vaccinations are available and more people are vaccinated, it takes time for complete protection to take place.

In terms of absolute numbers of infections and deaths, the USA is the country hardest hit by the corona pandemic. More than 30.8 million infections with the coronavirus have been detected, and more than 556,000 related deaths are known. Biden has accelerated the vaccination campaign significantly since taking office on Jan. 20. According to the White House, more than 150 million vaccine doses have been given since then. In total – including the weeks before Biden’s start – there were more than 167 million nationwide, according to the CDC health authority.

Prioritization partially canceled

Originally, Biden had directed the states to clear vaccines for all adults by May 1 at the latest. Several states have already lifted the staggering according to vaccination group or announced a date for it regardless of the announcement by the White House. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said Tuesday, “Today everyone in New York state over the age of 16 is entitled to the vaccine. There is no excuse not to go online and call (for an appointment) today make. “

A 21-year-old is vaccinated in Florida: In the US state, corona vaccinations are open to all adults. (Source: Lynne Sladky / AP / dpa)

The majority of Americans are expected to be vaccinated at least once by the end of May, Biden said. He hoped to announce before the end of summer that the US had more vaccine than needed to help other poor countries. Until the vaccine is available everywhere in the world and the virus has not yet been defeated in all countries, “we are not completely sure,” said Biden.

USA first vaccinates its own population

The US government has made it a priority to vaccinate its own population first. Biden has therefore already been accused of continuing the “America First” doctrine of his predecessor Donald Trump and of making it more difficult for poor countries in particular to get vaccines.

California promised its citizens on Tuesday that most corona restrictions could be lifted in mid-June. As a prerequisite for a complete reopening of the economy, Governor Gavin Newsom said that there must be enough vaccine for all Californians 16 and over who want to be vaccinated and that the number of new admissions to hospitals must be stable and low.

“We can now start planning our post-pandemic life,” said Newsom. “We’ll have to stay vigilant and maintain the measures that brought us here – wearing masks and getting vaccinated – but the light at the end of the tunnel has never been brighter.”

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