“From Darkness to Light”: Who Are the Dead of the Capitol Riot?


Four people are dead after storming the Capitol in Washington. One person is known to date who it is. She was an ardent Trump supporter and traveled from California for the protest march to Washington.

The woman who was shot in the Capitol and later succumbed to her injuries was named Ashli ​​Babbitt, according to US media reports, and lived in the San Diego, California area. She was an ardent supporter of US President Donald Trump and his administration. The day before the “protest march” she tweeted: “Nothing will stop us … You can try and try and try, but the storm is here and will fall on the capital in less than 24 hours – from dark to light.”

Babbit, 44, was struck by a police officer’s gun in the chest during the mayhem at the Capitol. Video footage shows the shot and how the Air Force veteran fell to the ground. She was “abroad four times in 14 years,” her husband told the TV station KUSI-TV.

Babbitt lies on the ground in the Capitol and is taken care of.


Babbitt had distributed support messages for Trump on her Twitter account. There it can be clearly seen that Babbitt was an ardent patriot and one of the libertarians – a political movement whose supporters reject state power. She apparently adhered to radical views that Trump has repeatedly represented in the past. Describing himself on Twitter, Babbitt said: “I love my guy (my dude), my dog, and I love my country more than anything. “


“She was a staunch supporter of President Trump and a real patriot, everyone who knew her knew that,” explains her husband. Her mother-in-law Robin Babitt complains, according to the New York Post, that she and her son learned of Ashli’s death from television: “I’m devastated. Nobody has notified us.”

Babbitt had a plan: Shortly before she left, she shared a “to-do list” on Twitter, which stated, among other things, that she was “the resignation and subsequent imprisonment of Trump’s Vice President Mike Pence and the resignation of Chief Justice John Roberts “demand.

A look at her Twitter account and her re-tweets gives an impression of what kind of person Ashli ​​Babbitt, who could now be idealized into a “heroine of the resistance”, was. There you can find messages from other Twitter users who say that they wish “it will be 1776 again, only bigger and better”. On July 4, 1776, the United States’ Declaration of Independence was proclaimed, but the addition, “only bigger and better”, does not suggest anything good.

Another follower of Babbitts asked herself, sitting on the plane to Washington, why you couldn’t go to the restaurant when all the flights to “DC” are so jam-packed that it is no longer a question of distance regulations. Another re-tweet by Babbitt says: “The 17 days have started”. That means the days until Joe Biden is sworn in. It is to be hoped that they will be more peaceful than yesterday.

More deaths

Three more people died in the chaos that hit the powerhouse of American democracy on January 6th. The US capital’s chief police officer, Robert Contee, confirmed that “in addition, an adult woman and two adult men are believed to have suffered various medical emergencies that led to their deaths.” It is not yet known who these three people were.

The rioters in Washington, referred to as “domestic terrorists” by several high-ranking US politicians, athletes and stars, protested against the impending certification of Joe Biden as the winner of the 2020 presidential election by Congress.

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