Further US offices awarded: Susan Rice becomes an important advisor to Biden

Further US offices awarded: Susan Rice becomes an important advisor to Biden

Further US offices awarded

Susan Rice becomes a key advisor to Biden

Actually, the former UN ambassador was considered the favorite for the post of foreign minister. But US President-elect Biden instead appoints Susan Rice as head of the Council for Internal Affairs. US trade representative will also be a woman: China expert Katherine Tai.

US President-elect Joe Biden makes former UN Ambassador Susan Rice one of his key domestic policy advisors. Biden nominated President Barack Obama’s former National Security Advisor to head the White House Home Affairs Council. The 56-year-old African American has years of government experience and knows the government apparatus “down to the smallest detail,” said Biden’s transition team. She will make sure that the work of the government benefits the US people.

The nomination comes as a surprise because Rice has primarily foreign policy experience. During the years of the Obama-Biden administration (2009 to 2017) she was first US ambassador to the United Nations and then national security advisor. She was actually considered the favorite for the post of Foreign Minister in the future Biden government. Biden’s longtime advisor Antony Blinken was nominated.

Biden’s transition team presented a number of other personal details on Thursday. As previously reported by US media, the Asian-born China expert Katherine Tai is to become the trade representative. The lawyer specializing in commercial law holds degrees from the elite universities of Yale and Harvard and is fluent in Mandarin. She currently serves on the US House of Representatives Finance and Tax Committee. From 2007 to 2014 she was in the service of the US Trade Representative and took care of relations with China.

The previous US President Donald Trump started a trade dispute with China as part of his “America First” policy. Dealing with the economically and militarily emerging nation will also be one of the central challenges for Biden.

Biden also nominated Obama’s former Chief of Staff Denis McDonough as future Minister of Veterans Affairs. Obama’s Agriculture Minister Tom Vilsack is slated to return to his previous post. Biden nominated African American MP Marcia Fudge as Minister of Housing and Urban Development. The ministers-designate has yet to be confirmed by the Senate.

Biden will take his oath of office on January 20th after defeating incumbent Donald Trump in the November 3rd presidential election. The 78-year-old relies on experience and diversity when awarding leading government positions. Many women, such as Treasury Secretary-designate Janet Yellen, were nominated, as well as Latinos and African Americans. Some ministries have not yet been awarded, including the important Ministry of Justice.

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