Gabrielle Union surprised her husband with a pre-holiday gift


The actress knows what kind of toys adult boys adore.

NBA (American Basketball Association) star Dwyane Wade received a triple coveted gift from his beloved wife Gabrielle Union. First, a sign of attention from a loved one is always pleasant. Secondly, the cost and consideration of the preferences of the recipient of the gift are of great importance. Thirdly, receiving a gift a week before the birthday is more than unexpected and causes a storm of positive emotions.

The former supermodel decided to pamper her current husband with a collectible and iconic car – she gave Dwayne a 1988 Mercedes. In perfect condition, of course, in a classic white finish. As the basketball player himself said, “It was an epic surprise!”

January 10, 2021, began on an unusual Sunday morning for Wade. He was captured on camera by his eldest 18-year-old son, Zaire, when he left the house and saw a masterpiece of the German car industry in the driveway. The video shows the whole palette of emotions of almost the birthday man – surprise, distrust, delight and rapture, alternately and in good combination with each other.

The basketball player went to the car, dancing on the move, and only after a while realized that not only his son was watching him. Through the open door of the house, the author of the surprise, his wife Gabrielle, smiles at Wade’s dancing back.

“You raised the bar!” – Dwayne declared with a laugh, showering his wife grateful kisses. Until October this year, when Union turns 49, my husband has time to prepare pre-holiday and other gifts.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yuri Hasanov

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