Gal Gadot got a hernia on the set of Wonder Woman


The Justice League star had a hard time shooting in the famous blockbuster.

Gal Gadot shared that in life she does not differ in strength, unlike her heroine Diana in the film “Wonder Woman”. On the set, the actress received several serious injuries.

Filming for the first part of “Wonder Woman” and “Justice League” took place in the same year and was too grueling. After the completion of the active stage of the film process, Gal gave birth to a daughter, Maya.

Pregnancy and work in a busy schedule negatively affected the body, which led to the appearance of a large intervertebral hernia. “All six weeks of the press tour I could not sit – just lie and stand. If you watch all my interviews of that time, I always stand, ”said the actress.

Of course, the hernia itself does not resolve. As a result, Gadot ended up on the operating table on the day of the premiere. Immediately after the rehabilitation period, barely recovering from the back treatment, Gal again put on Diana’s costume on the set of Wonder Woman 1984.

However, the shooting went badly, as the actress injured her neck and shoulder. As Gadot says, this role requires physical feedback, so there are certain difficulties and various consequences.

Recall that the film “Wonder Woman 1984” was released worldwide on December 25. It began to be broadcast where movie theaters are not prohibited.

In Russia, the film will begin showing on January 14.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Veronica Alpatova

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