Garmin has a new diving watch

Garmin has a new diving watch

Garmin has announced the launch of the new Descent Mk2, Descent Mk2i and Descent T1 diving smartwatches, a new generation of diving instruments that include both underwater and surface features. The Descent Mk2i diving computer in watch format mates with the Descent T1 transmitter via Garmin SubWave so that the diver has tank pressure information at hand.

SubWave is a sonar-based communications system that provides, according to the manufacturer, improved range and reliability of communications over traditional airborne integration systems. In addition to basic Garmin smartwatch features for daily use, the Descent Mk2 and Descent Mk2i feature a large display, sealed inductive button technology, customizable dive data fields and more.

The Descent Mk2i dive computer can simultaneously monitor pressure readings from up to five paired Descent T1 transmitters, each sold separately, via the SubWave sonar network. This allows divers to view cylinder pressure, remaining air delivery time, gas consumption rate, and monitor other divers or additional cylinders up to 10 meters away (especially useful for instructors).

The Descent Mk2 Series supports multiple single or multi-gas diving modes (including Nitrox, Trimix and 100% O2), Gauge, Freediving, Freediving Hunting, and Closed Circuit Regenerative Breathing Apparatus. The watch has a 3-axis underwater compass and displays depth, dive time, temperature, NDL / TTS, descent / ascent rate, gas mixture, PO2, N2 load, decompression / safety stop information, time of day and more. Data is displayed on a 1.4-inch color display, which is 36% larger than the Descent Mk1 model.

On land, the Descent Mk2 and Mk2i act as a premium multisport smartwatch with support for multiple global satellite navigation systems and wrist-based heart rate, as well as multiple sport profiles (including golf with color maps of over 42,000 golf courses worldwide). Other standard Garmin smartwatch features include call alerts, text messages, calendar reminders, and more. right on the watch screen; Garmin Pay for contactless payments; music storage with support for compatible services; and a pulse oximeter to monitor blood oxygen saturation.

Dive information is automatically logged into the new free Garmin Dive app. It provides a detailed analysis of each dive, including maximum depth, bottom time, and a map with start and end points. The app’s search function allows you to browse over 2,700 dive sites around the world. In addition, the watch comes preloaded with hundreds of dive sites to admire wrecks and reefs. The tide information is also intended to help you find the best dive site.

On the surface, when paired with a compatible Garmin inReach Satellite Communicator, you can quickly send and receive messages from your Descent Mk2 or Mk2i, and send an SOS signal when needed.

The Descent Mk2 and Descent Mk2i models can operate on battery power in smartwatch mode for up to 16 days and up to 80 hours in diving mode. The Descent Mk2i has up to 32 hours of battery life when paired with the Descent T1. The T1 transmitter can be used at a depth of 11 ATM and has a battery life of up to 110 hours of diving. The power source is a replaceable CR123 battery. Two models of dive computers are already on sale with suggested retail prices of € 1,299.99 to € 1,499.99. Descent T1 will be available at the end of Q4 2020 for a suggested retail price of € 399.99.

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