George Floyd case | Police chief about officials: “He should have stopped”


The violent death of the African American Floyd is being tried in the US city of Minneapolis. In the courtroom, the police chief sharply criticized the actions of the accused officer.

The chief of police in the US city of Minneapolis has condemned the actions of the accused ex-official Derek Chauvin against the killed African American George Floyd. “In no way” is it in accordance with the guidelines, training or ethics and values ​​of the police that Chauvin still pressed his knee onto Floyd’s neck when he was already lying on his stomach on the floor, his hands behind his back had tied up and showed no resistance, said Medaria Arradondo on Monday on the witness stand.

“It should have stopped when Mr Floyd stopped fighting and certainly when he was in need and tried to verbalize it,” said Arradondo. Chauvin not only violated guidelines on the use of force, but also failed to follow regulations on de-escalation and assistance.

Police chief had fired the four police officers

George Floyd was killed in a brutal arrest in Minneapolis on May 25, 2020. After his death, there were mass protests against police violence and racism for months. Videos have documented the actions of the officers against the unarmed man.

Arradondo had fired the four police officers involved in the operation. The main trial against the white ex-police officer Chauvin, who pressed his knee to Floyd’s neck for a good eight minutes, although the latter pleaded to let him breathe, has been going on in Minneapolis for a week. The most serious charge is second degree murder without intent, which, under German law, would be more like manslaughter. Up to 40 years in prison in the state of Minnesota.

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