Gilberto Ramirez is ready to fight with Alexander Usik


Former world champion in the second middle weight (up to 76.2 kg), Mexican Gilberto Ramirez (40-0-0, 27 KO) has no doubts that his natural dimensions will allow him to perform not only in light heavyweight, but also in the first heavy and super heavyweight …

So, the fighter showed interest in a duel with the former hegemon of the 200-pound division, Ukrainian Alexander Usik (18-0-0, 13 KO).

“In the future I will move to the first heavyweight and then the heavyweight. Yes, this is part of my plans. And I’m not going to go back, because this is a lot of stress for my body. Plus, I want to leave a mark on myself.

I’ve been thinking about this fight for a long time [с Усиком]… This is a great duel with a smart and agile fighter. I have been following him since the time he fought for the Muhammad Ali Cup. I like his style, ”Ramirez said.

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