Go it alone because of sanctions ?: Russia threatens to withdraw from the ISS

Go it alone because of sanctions ?: Russia threatens to withdraw from the ISS

Go it alone because of sanctions?

Russia threatens to move away from the ISS

16 countries have jointly operated the International Space Station ISS for a good two decades. Because the USA is sanctioning Russian companies as a result of earthly conflicts, Moscow is now threatening to go it alone. Soon there would be no more cosmonauts on board. A station of its own is supposedly already under construction.

Russia calls for US sanctions against its own companies to be lifted for further cooperation on the ISS space station after 2025. “Either we work together – and then the sanctions must be withdrawn immediately,” or Russia will rely on its own station in space, said the head of the Roscosmos space agency, Dmitri Rogozin, according to the Interfax agency. Moscow recently questioned further participation in the ISS beyond 2025.

Several Russian space companies are subject to US sanctions. The US had imposed punitive measures in connection with the conflict in eastern Ukraine. In addition, according to earlier information, the US Department of Defense does not want any more satellites to be launched into space by Russian missiles.

Roskosmos complains that Russian companies are being thwarted by the sanctions in the international market. If the Americans persisted in sanctions, they would be responsible for Russia’s withdrawal from the ISS project, said Rogozin at a hearing in the State Duma.

According to him, Russia will only decide “on the further fate of the ISS” if the US refrains from its sanctions. According to earlier information, Roscosmos has already started building a new space station.

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