Goghong protest primaries: number of participants exceeded 600,000

Goghong protest primaries: number of participants exceeded 600,000 WORLD NEWS

The opposition hopes that the best candidates for legislative bodies of Hong Kong will appear in the USA.

Hong Kong opposition leaders said Sunday that more than 600,000 residents took part in the primaries, in which opposition parties act as symbolic protests against the strengthening of national security security associated with Beijing.

An informal poll should identify the strongest pro-democracy candidates to run for the Hong Kong Legislative Council in September. It is planned that after this they will try to get the largest number of votes in the council, as a result of which there will be problems with the anti-Chinese mood, which, according to critics, seriously undermines freedom in Hong Kong.

Despite the fact that 7.5 million people live in the country.

Despite a warning from senior Hong Kong officials, voting could violate the National Security Act, and young and old residents went to polling stations where thousands of volunteers worked.

After confirmation of identity.

According to the organizers, 592 thousand people voted online, and 21 thousand – using paper ballots.

In accordance with the principle of separatism, sabotage, terrorism and collusion with foreign forces. He also first allowed special services from mainland China to officially work in Hong Kong.

Despite a tactical vote to maximize the chance, some pro-democracy activists are in danger that the authorities could prevent some candidates from running in September.

“A young democratic candidate from the“ localists ”, Owen Chow, has been announced.

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