Government radically changes course on family policy – three children allowed

Government radically changes course on family policy – three children allowed

China is responding to its shrinking population. Couples will soon be allowed to have three children. This was preceded by a census in the country that revealed a sharp fall in the birth rate.

China is relaxing its family policy and allowing couples to have three children in the future. Against the background of the unexpected massive decline in the birth rate and the rapid aging of Chinese society, the Communist Party’s Politburo decided at a meeting in Beijing on Monday that such an “optimization of birth policy” should help to improve the structure of the population and respond to the aging population. The official news agency Xinhua reported.

The decision was made just three weeks after the latest census was published. Accordingly, the most populous country threatens to shrink in a few years. Experts named the decade-long one-child policy, which was only lifted in 2015, and the high costs for housing and training as reasons. Many Chinese have also got used to having only one child, it was said.

In the past ten years, China’s population has only grown by 0.53 percent annually to 1.41,178 billion people – more slowly than it has been in decades. The one-child policy in force since 1979 was repealed in 2015 and replaced by a two-child policy. However, the turnaround only led to a slight increase in births in 2016. The number has fallen every year since then.

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