Governor: “Who cares?”: New York allegedly manipulated death numbers


New York’s Governor Cuomo is not only seen as a role model in the fight against the corona pandemic in the USA. But the praise – from top immunologist Fauci, for example – was premature. The number of corona deaths has apparently been significantly improved. Now Cuomo faces a similar fate as Trump.

Andrew Cuomo presented himself as a carer when the corona pandemic reached the United States last year. The governor of New York made the democratic counter-draft of the republican President Donald Trump, who has since been voted out of the country, played down Covid-19 and thus contributed to the spread of the virus across the country. But it seems that Cuomo’s external image as a “Corona hero” has little to do with reality. So little that the Attorney General Leticia James submitted a damning report according to which Cuomo is said to have massively embellished the death toll in connection with Covid-19. Even the FBI is investigating.

It is mainly about retirement homes, in which significantly more people have died than previously known. “The preliminary data show that the number of people who have died in care facilities in New York is around 50 percent higher,” is the first finding of the study. Only recently the official figure was revised up from 8500 to more than 15,000. “This is public trust fraud,” tweeted Cuomo’s New York party colleague Andrew Gounardes to.

An internal conference leaked to the public suggests more than just that there is one thing above all behind the artificially small number: political calculation. At this conference, Cuomo’s close adviser named Melissa DeRosa as a motivation for fear that Trump would “use the real numbers against us”, as the “New York Post” reports. Again and again, Cuomo had deliberately set himself up as the antithesis of the president, who had repeatedly played down the pandemic.

“Who cares?”

Melissa DeRosa’s internal statement has now become public.

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In order to avoid this Trump scolding, US media reports only officially counted those fatalities who also died in nursing homes. But whoever was admitted to a clinic (shortly before his death) and died there remained uncounted. Cuomo, known and feared for his harsh reactions to criticism, said at the end of January: “Who cares whether they died in the hospital or in a retirement home”. In the end, one way or another it is absolutely certain: “You died. ” That doesn’t fit the image as a carer either.

The criticism is correspondingly high, and not along the party lines as is so often the case – Republicans and Democrats rarely speak with one voice in unity. The Democratic Congressman Antonio Delgado not only demands “answers” about this issue, but also “responsibility” – that is, political consequences. Both parties are calling for his resignation, Cuomo could even face the same fate as Trump, namely impeachment proceedings.

Several media outlets – including the New York Times – report that state MPs are planning to restrict Cuomo’s powers to directly issue emergency measures. Richard Azzopardi, a spokesman for the governor, dismissed the investigation by the FBI and the public prosecutor’s office against his boss: “We know that the judicial authorities are taking a closer look” and “we are cooperating”. According to the local Times Union newspaper, he did not answer the question of whether members of the government had to testify or were summoned.

First the ego, then the people in New York?

Cuomo, who is said to have ambitions to run for the 2024 presidential election, threatens a lot of trouble. Because the case is all the more serious in view of the self-portrayal with which the 63-year-old was and was allowed to celebrate far beyond state and state borders. Even the top immunologist in the United States, Anthony Fauci, had praised his crisis management. But this supposedly remarkable crisis management evidently came about under at least questionable and possibly justiciable circumstances.

Because his advisor DeRosa is also quoted by the “Times Union” as saying that the administration deliberately withheld the real figures when they were requested by higher-level authorities: “We are, so to speak, frozen” out of concern about the true extent of the pandemic “used against us”.

This is probably one of the reasons why, according to the New York Times, numerous corona experts have given up their advisory activities for the Cuomo government, even though the Democrat boasted last year that his policy was strictly based on scientific necessities. According to the initial findings of the investigations, the proper registration of the fatalities was not one of them. Which is why a quote from the governor from the beginning of February tends to represent the truth, according to which he “does not really trust experts”.

According to Forbes, Alessandra Biaggi, a Democrat in the New York Senate, pronounced a damning verdict in view of the latest developments: “We see once again that the governor puts his ego above the concerns of the people in New York.”

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