Great Britain demands signs of life from abducted Princess Latifa from Dubai


The sheikhs deny, but a new video of the Arab princess Latifa supports rumors that she is being held against her will in Dubai. Now the British government is stepping in.

Great Britain is demanding a sign of life from Princess Latifa from Dubai after a video reinforced suspicions that the emir’s daughter was imprisoned after a failed escape attempt. In view of the pictures, the British government would appreciate it if people could see “that she is alive and well,” Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab told Sky News on Wednesday.

He described the video as “deeply disturbing,” you see a young woman in great despair. Britain is concerned about this, Raab told the BBC. The United Nations would follow up on the video. The BBC published a video on Tuesday allegedly from Sheikha Latifa. In it, the 35-year-old reported that she was being held in a locked villa. At first there was no comment from Dubai.

Activists are said to have smuggled in secret cell phones

“I’m a hostage and this mansion has been turned into a prison,” says Latifa in the video. All windows are barred. She recorded the video in the bathroom of the villa because it was the only room she could lock behind her. Reuters was unable to verify when and where the video was recorded. The “Free Latifa” campaign said it had smuggled a cell phone into Latifa. Read more about the background of the video here.

Latifa is the daughter of the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktum. Two years ago she is said to have tried in vain to leave the emirate on the Persian Gulf against her father’s wishes. A human rights group posted a video about their spectacular escape attempt. Accordingly, she fled disguised with a friend in a car to the coast and from there with a rubber dinghy and jet skis to a waiting boat. But in the end she was caught by a special unit off the Indian coast and brought back to Dubai.

Last March, a London court said it found a number of allegations made by the emir’s ex-wife, Princess Haja, to be proven, including that the sheikh had ordered Latifa’s kidnapping. The sheik’s lawyers denied the allegations.

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