Guns aimed at protesters: Court convicts US couple of threats

Guns aimed at protesters: Court convicts US couple of threats

Guns pointed at protesters

Court convicts US couple of threat

The images on the sidelines of a demonstration against racism in the United States last year are disturbing: two married couples point guns at the demonstrators. Her explanation is that the latter threatened her property and her life. The accused prevent worse things from happening in court.

A white US couple who drew their firearms to anti-racism protesters last year and became known nationwide have been fined. The lawyer Mark McCloskey has to pay 750 dollars (630 euros) because of the incident, his wife Patricia McCloskey, who also works as a lawyer, has to pay 2000 dollars, according to a court spokesman in St. Louis, Missouri.

Both got off relatively lightly because they pleaded guilty. Marc McCloskey was convicted of minor physical assault and his wife was convicted of minor harassment. Because of his pleadings of guilt, the wealthy couple avoided a lawsuit and possibly much tougher sentences.

Mark McCloskey ran across the lawn of his property in St. Louis in June of last year to the peaceful participants in a demonstration against police violence and racism and threatened them with his assault rifle. His wife waved a handgun in front of the protesters. There was no evidence that the protesters threatened the couple in any way.

Mark McCloskey is running for the US Senate

However, the McCloskeys were portrayed as heroes by arch-conservative politicians. Both took part as speakers at the Republican Congress in August 2020, at which then-President Donald Trump was officially nominated for a second term. Trump was then defeated in the November election to today’s President Joe Biden of the Democrats.

Mark McCloskey recently announced that he will run for the US Senate next year. In the video announcing this application, he claimed without any evidence that the Black Lives Matter demonstrators posed a life-threatening threat to him and his family. “When the angry mob came to destroy my home and kill my family, I rose up against them,” he said.

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