Gwen Stefani’s groom was convicted of “emotionless” song about love and salary


Blake Shelton was accused of not understanding the true material difficulties of a wide audience.

Gwen Stefani has been dating country singer Blake Shelton since 2015, and Blake is much more successful musically and commercially than his famous darling. Since 2011, all Shelton’s albums have been certified platinum or gold, and there are already six of them: Red River Blue, Cheers, It’s Christmas, Based on a True Story and others.

In the new single, released on the eve of 2021, Blake tried to tell another True Story, but he failed, according to numerous fans of the country singer himself and his beloved Gwen Stefani.

Shelton’s song is called Minimum Wage and is inspired by the love for the beautiful Stephanie. Among others, the single contains the following lines: “Girl, your love will make a man feel rich at the minimum wage.”

Fans did not appreciate the romantic-financial analogy and unleashed a flurry of criticism on the singer on social networks: “Do you even understand what the minimum wage is?” the song is insensitive, although it tells about feelings “,” Millions of Americans faced material hardships during the pandemic, you insulted them with a sense of wealth at the minimum wage. “

Fans accused Blake Shelton of being terribly far from the true aspirations of the American people. Some overseas publications turned to the singer’s representatives for comments, which have not yet been received.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yuri Hasanov

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