Gynecologist abuse scandal: University pays record compensation to 700 women


Gynecologist abuse scandal
University pays record compensation to 700 women

A campus gynecologist is said to have sexually abused female students in the USA for over seven years. The top university is accused of having known the allegations for a long time. Now it pays the victims the highest compensation in US history. The gynecologist is accused even more.

The University of Southern California (USC) in the United States has agreed to a gigantic compensation payment for the alleged sexual abuse of hundreds of female students by a campus gynecologist. Lawyer Gloria Allred announced that the top university had agreed to pay compensation of 842.4 million dollars (714 million euros) with more than 700 people affected.

Since the university had already promised compensation of $ 215 million in another class action in 2018, it has to pay more than a billion dollars in damages in total. Prominent lawyer Allred said the agreement that has now been reached is the “largest settlement for sexual abuse with a university in US history.”

The college said the agreement was “fair and reasonable”. At the center of the scandal is former campus gynecologist George Tyndall. It is said to have passed on to hundreds of patients over the course of three decades. The allegations range from inappropriately touching to rape. The youngest victim was 17 years old.

USC is said to have known of allegations

The doctor is said to have photographed the genitals of his patients, groped their breasts and made suggestive remarks about their appearance. The 74-year-old doctor is also accused of making racist and homophobic statements. Tyndall reportedly targeted abuse of minority women, including many Asian students who did not speak English well.

The university is charged with knowing the allegations against Tyndall but still allowing him to practice on campus. It wasn’t until 2016 that the USC opened an investigation. Tyndall made an amicable agreement with the university to retire. How much money he received for it was not disclosed. After the police opened an investigation in 2019, Tyndall was arrested for various offenses against 16 young women.

The doctor is currently waiting for his trial and faces up to 53 years in prison. Tyndall has denied all allegations. In a 2019 statement, he announced that he would remain “rock solid” until he was “fully acquitted”. The USC president resigned in 2018 because of the scandal after around 200 lecturers had demanded consequences.

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