Hacker attack or technical glitch ?: Ministry accidentally reports Trump’s departure


Hacker attack or technology breakdown?
Ministry accidentally reports Trump’s departure

The mood in the USA could hardly be more heated. After storming the Capitol, the Democrats are pushing for the impeachment of the US president. Suddenly the State Department declared Trump’s term of office over – unintentionally. It is unclear how the hoax came about.

The US State Department inadvertently announced on Monday that President Donald Trump was leaving office. “The term of office of Donald J. Trump ended on January 11, 2021 (..)”, it said on the website of the Ministry in biographical information about the elected president. The misstatement was only there for a short time. The Trump biography page was then taken down and users received a technical error message.

It was unclear whether the misstatement resulted from a mere technical glitch or a hacker attack. Trump’s term officially ends on January 20th. On this day, his chosen successor Joe Biden is sworn in. However, after the storming of the Capitol in Washington by angry supporters last Wednesday, there are efforts in the US Congress to remove Trump prematurely from office. The Democrats introduced a corresponding draft resolution to the House of Representatives on Monday.

The Democrats control the House of Representatives and can confirm the charges against the President with their majority. According to reports, a vote is planned for this week. Then the Senate would have to deal with it. A decision there before January 20th is virtually impossible.

Trump would be the first US president in history to have two impeachment proceedings opened. He leaves office with the swearing-in of his Democratic successor Joe Biden on January 20th. In addition to impeachment, the draft resolution also provides that Trump should be banned from future government offices. This would deny him a possible candidacy in 2024. Therefore the impeachment process would be more than a symbolic step for the history books.

The two-thirds majority in the Senate that is necessary to convict Trump is not in sight, even if resentment about Trump is growing among Republicans. In the first impeachment proceedings, the Republicans in the Senate acquitted Trump in February 2020.

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