Haley Bieber was nauseated by Twitter: “Very toxic environment”


Since last year, the model has not used Twitter and has become more careful with Instagram.

Recently, more and more celebrities admit that they are tired of social media. Hailey Bieber deactivated her Twitter account last summer and recently explained why in an interview.

According to Haley, the main problem for her was the constant comparison of her with others: in matters of appearance, behavior, and so on.

“When you go through a situation where a lot of people tell you the same thing over and over again, it starts to confuse your mind. And you start to think: maybe there is something that they see and that I do not see? I don’t have Twitter anymore because at some point I felt it was a very toxic environment. Even when I was just thinking about launching the app, I started having a terrible anxiety, reaching the point of nausea, ”said Haley.

The model says that she kept Instagram for herself, but with conditions: she views it only on weekends and allowed only friends to comment on her posts.

“Now, when I post something, I know that only acquaintances who will most likely write something positive and pleasant will leave comments. I want everyone to like me, there is such, I am working on it. But I have already realized that I do not owe anything to anyone, I should not make excuses and explain myself. I try to fix in myself what I want to fix, and I want to do it behind a closed door, ”said Haley.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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