Halle Berry cuts child support for her daughter’s father in half


For several years, the actress paid Gabriel Aubrey 16 thousand dollars every month.

In February, Halle Berry complained to her subscribers that she was paying the father of her daughter, model Gabriel Aubrey, in alimony 16 thousand dollars a month. The actress called it extortion and went to court with a request to cut this amount. The court went to meet her: now Holly pays the ex for 8 thousand dollars.

Aubrey and Berry lived together for five years until 2010. They have a common 12-year-old daughter, Nala. After parting with the actress, Gabriel appealed to the court with a request to recognize him as Nala’s father, as well as to obtain physical and legal custody of his daughter.

Holly has been paying Aubrey $ 16,000 every month since 2014. The actress noted that this is too large an amount to cover the needs of the child, and she feels that in this way she provides for Gabriel himself.

“This is how many laws work that people are allowed to use children to get money for a life that they cannot provide for themselves, and which far exceeds the reasonable needs of the child. This is wrong, this is abusive. Many laws are already outdated for the modern world, ”Berry complained on the social network.

In 2019, Holly tried to prohibit Aubrey from communicating with Nala through the courts. According to her, Gabriel is prone to assault and racist speech.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Yana Shelekhova

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