Halsey admitted that she feels more confident without hair


The singer does not strive to meet the standards of female beauty.

Halsey, 26, became the cover hero of the new issue of Byrdie magazine. The singer posed with cropped hair and light makeup that emphasizes her natural beauty. In an interview for the publication, the performer speculated on what the generally accepted standards of beauty mean for her. According to her, she has a good idea of ​​which of her images users of social networks consider the most “beautiful”, but that does not mean that she should look like that.

“I definitely don’t think my most ‘Hollywood’ look is when I have no hair, but that’s how I feel most confident,” said the singer.

Recall that the pop star is known for changing colorful wigs almost every day. She has been mostly sticking with the short hair lately, showing her shaved head for the first time to fans in October. And not so long ago, Halsey admitted that she was expecting a child from her boyfriend Alev Aydin.

The singer also discussed with reporters the launch of a new line of cosmetics About-Face, which, she hopes, will help fans “accept their inner artist” and forget about the shortcomings.

“I’m tired of this Instagram filter industry,” she said, adding that for a long time she couldn’t accept how she looks in paparazzi shots.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Svetlana Levkina

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