Haney: “I don’t think I have to stop Linares”

Haney: “I don’t think I have to stop Linares”

WBC lightweight title holder (up to 61.2 kg), American Devin Haney, speaking at the final press conference about his upcoming fight with Venezuelan veteran Jorge Linares, admitted that he was not fixated on an early victory.

Why should I think I’m going to stop him? Yes, he was stopped, and it was done by good fighters. Although the same Kano was a middle peasant. But I don’t think that I must knock him out. I think I have to show a good performance.

Many people do not understand this, but it is quite difficult to knock out a guy who sincerely does not want to be knocked out. Many go into the ring and act like Gamboa. There are other examples though.

I don’t want to make predictions. Because styles make fights. This guy is already at that stage of his career where he perfectly understands how to get to the final bell, ”said the fighter.

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