Harassment lawsuit settled: James Franco has to pay millions

Harassment lawsuit settled: James Franco has to pay millions

Harassment suit settled

James Franco has to pay millions

James Franco allegedly molested two women in his drama school. However, the lawsuit for alleged “exploitative sexual situations” is surprisingly dropped. Now the Hollywood star is said to have agreed to a claim for damages.

James Franco reportedly agreed to pay approximately $ 2.2 million to settle a lawsuit. The agreement has yet to be signed by a judge in Los Angeles, according to “The Hollywood Reporter”. Two former acting students accused the Hollywood star, among other things, of having sexually exploited her.

The two women had sued Franco for damages in 2019, claiming, among other things, that the actor had intimidated them through “exploitative sexual situations” and abused his power in an acting and film school he founded. The students were supposed to play sex scenes in front of the camera that went far beyond what is common in Hollywood, it was said at the time.

Friendship with Seth Rogen is over

James Franco has always denied all allegations. This is now said to have been recorded in a statement on the comparison. The New York Times reported in February that Franco and the two women had reached an out-of-court settlement. The two plaintiffs allegedly dropped their allegations.

The allegations have also cost 43-year-old Franco his friendship with his fellow actor Seth Rogen. This told “The Sunday Times” in May that it was “no coincidence” that their working relationship had ended. The two appeared in “Ananas Express” in 2008 and in “The Interview” in 2014.

He doesn’t really know where the two of them are at the moment, but “it has changed a lot of things in our relationship and our dynamics,” Rogen continued. This is “painful” for him, “but not as painful and difficult as for many other people involved”. In such a situation, he has no self-pity.

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