Harris visits Mexico: USA wants to combat the causes of flight

Harris visits Mexico: USA wants to combat the causes of flight

Harris visits Mexico

USA wants to combat the causes of flight

Tens of thousands of people try to enter the US illegally every month. So that the refugees do not even leave their home countries, the USA and Mexico want to combat the causes of flight. This includes the fight against people, drugs and weapons smuggling.

During US Vice President Kamala Harris’s first trip abroad to Mexico, the two neighboring countries agreed to work more closely together on issues such as migration. Representatives of both governments signed a declaration of intent in Mexico City, in the presence of Harris and the Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, to jointly combat the causes of displacement in Central America.

With programs to promote agricultural development and empower young people, the North American neighbors want to offer the residents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador better economic prospects. The majority of the tens of thousands of people who irregularly attempt to enter the United States via Mexico each month come from either one of these three countries or from Mexico itself.

People often emigrate due to a lack of prospects due to poverty and corruption, but they also suffer from violence by criminal groups, drought, malnutrition and the consequences of natural disasters. US President Joe Biden has put Harris in charge of curbing illegal migration on the US southern border.

Fight against people, drugs and weapons smuggling

Harris’ two-day trip began in Guatemala on Monday. There she had said to people willing to migrate: “Don’t come.” Most people didn’t want to leave their homes, she said. You have to give them hope. In Guatemala, among other things, she had announced efforts to combat corruption.

After talks with López Obrador and other Mexican government representatives and also with entrepreneurs and trade unionists, Harris announced further joint projects. Among other things, the aim is to fight against people, drugs and weapons smuggling. In addition, the United States wants to support Mexico with the implementation of labor market reforms with 130 million dollars (around 107 million euros) and help clarify the fate of more than 88,000 people who have disappeared. Further high-level discussions on economic and security issues were also agreed.

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