Harry and Meghan found a way to make money off their daughter’s name

Harry and Meghan found a way to make money off their daughter’s name

As it turned out, in order to name his daughter by the name of a relative, the Duke of Sussex had to condescend to talk with the queen.

Another hypocrisy of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle infuriated the audience. Recently it became known that the Duchess of Sussex gave birth to a daughter. The child became the second for Harry and Megan. The girl was named in honor of Queen Elizabeth Lilibet herself, as well as in honor of the deceased mother of Harry Diana.

Even then, negative comments on this matter appeared on the Web, the essence of which was that the disgraced prince, apparently, was beginning to realize his mistake and decided to justify himself a little to his grandmother by doing her a favor in the name of his granddaughter.

Harry’s friend in an interview for Vanity Fair hastened to acquit the duke and stood up for him, explaining that there is no self-interest in this.

“He loves and respects his grandmother very much. And for Harry, these two names are equally important, ”he said.

It is noteworthy that in order to name his daughter after the queen, Harry had to contact Elizabeth and ask her for official permission. The combination of these factors once again played against the prince.

“Hypocrites. As soon as you need something, you immediately run to the queen “,” Does she love her grandmother very much? Something is not visible “,” He has a kind of indulgence. First dirt, and then pleading for forgiveness “,” If he behaves this way out of love, what would have happened if he did not love? “,” They just sucked up to the queen, because they understand that it is more difficult to feed two children than one “,” These cunning spouses have already made the grandmother’s underground name their personal brand. They will be promoted to the fullest, ”write netizens.

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