Harry Potter actress was bullied

Harry Potter actress was bullied

Jesse Cave shared her pain.

Jesse Cave, who played Lavender Brown in Harry Potter, said that she faced severe bullying due to being overweight. After the debut, a lot of attention was riveted to the actress: haters ran into Jesse’s profiles, hounded the actress and hinted at her shortcomings.

“I put on a lot of weight because I was starving. I was growing in breadth at such a speed that it seemed that I would soon burst, ”she recalled in a conversation with the Independent.

Cave began to notice the situation after she was openly bullied.

“It was terrible. Probably, it was unpleasant for me precisely because I myself understood internally that the size of my things was getting larger. And then I went to a psychologist. At some point, I generally felt invisible after I recovered. It was very shitty, ”she said.

The biggest problems for Cave arose because of work – the actress lost the opportunity to earn money because the directors did not want to work with her.

“I have quite big problems with my work. Then I realized that women have to deal with this on a regular basis, ”she stated.

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