Harry Potter shop opens: “Accio” – Butterbeer is now available in New York

Harry Potter shop opens: “Accio” – Butterbeer is now available in New York

Harry Potter store opened

“Accio” – Butterbeer is now available in New York

Anyone who has always wanted to try an Ollivander wand or a Gryffindor school uniform can do so on Broadway from now on. A shopping paradise for fans of Harry Potter opens in the heart of Manhattan – and they stand in line for hours.

Butterbeer, magic wands and, of course, books: a large shop has opened in New York with products from the world of Harry Potter, the wizarding student. Directly behind the famous Flatiron Building on Broadway in Manhattan, fans of the book series by British author Joanne K. Rowling will not only be able to buy merchandise such as T-shirts or school uniforms from Gryffindor or Slytherin, but also a personal letter for admission to the Hogwarts Magic School.

Even the rain couldn’t drive Harry Potter fans off Broadway.

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Those who need a break from shopping can drink Butterbeer in a separate bar area and order special sweets from the Harry Potter world. In the wand corner from manufacturer Ollivander, there are more than 50 wands ready to try out – including those from Harry, Hermione, Ron, Dumbledore and Voldemort.

With video masks, among other things, flights with game warden Hagrid over Hogwarts will soon be possible. The new store attracted a lot of fans in the first hours of its opening. NBC TV station reported long lines and Harry Potter fans who allegedly even spent the night outside the store to be the first to enter.

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