Harry Styles “changed” Olivia Wilde for a new movie

Harry Styles “changed” Olivia Wilde for a new movie

Florence Pugh became the new darling of the popular singer.

The upcoming film Don’t Worry Sweetheart tells the story of a 1950s housewife who accidentally finds out about her husband and his environment that she shouldn’t. Now the main character of the thriller has to decide whether to take this secret with her to the grave, or to oppose her husband.

Harry Styles and Florence Pugh will be the on-screen couple in Olivia Wilde’s seventh directorial work, and Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, Douglas Smith and others will also star in Don’t Worry Sweetheart. The premiere of the film will take place only a year later – the psychological thriller will only reach cinemas on September 23, 2022, it became known from the first teaser.

Interestingly, in real life, Styles and Wilde are a handsome couple who started dating earlier this year. And now the singer has to share his bed with another girl in the framework of the new film. Olivia’s role in this has not yet been revealed.

However, Olivia Wilde will probably forgive the “betrayal”, because it was on the set of “Don’t Worry, Sunshine” that the relationship between the 37-year-old actress and the 27-year-old musician was born, Harpers Bazaar reports.

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