“Has fallen sharply”: Trump counts the number of corona deaths small

“Has fallen sharply”: Trump counts the number of corona deaths small

For US President Trump, the daily record of almost 90,000 new infections in 24 hours is not a tailwind in the presidential elections on Tuesday. But he counters in his own way: The many cases are only the result of many tests. Meanwhile, the science magazine “Lancet” issued him a certificate of poverty.

US President Donald Trump has downplayed the importance of the new infections with the corona virus, which have risen to a record high in the US. “More tests equals more cases,” he wrote on Twitter. Hospitals are now much better prepared and the treatment methods work, he wrote.

However, the number of tests increased significantly more slowly than that of the new infections reported daily. Health professionals are therefore very concerned about the recent surge in the number of cases. On Thursday, the US hit a new daily record with 88,521 confirmed infections, data from the John Hopkins University (JHU) showed. That was almost 10,000 more infections than the day before. Trump wrote in his tweet that the number of deaths had “dropped sharply” without mentioning a comparison period.

In April, for example, more than 2,000 people died per day in the USA. Most recently, the number of victims was around 1,000 dead. According to Johns Hopkins, almost nine million coronavirus infections have been confirmed in the United States, a country with around 330 million inhabitants, since the beginning of the pandemic. Around 229,000 people have died so far. The United States is the hardest hit country on earth by the coronavirus.

US election: “Introduce changes for the better”

The globally respected medical journal “The Lancet” described Trump’s corona policy as “catastrophic”. The presidential election on November 3rd was “the right time to introduce changes for the better,” said an editorial. This was hardly concealed in support of Trump’s Democratic challenger Joe Biden. Republican Trump is running for a second term on Tuesday. His Democratic challenger, Biden, accuses him of failing to contain the pandemic and being responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

The US had not responded adequately to “the biggest health crisis in a century,” wrote The Lancet. Among other things, the editorial criticized “the frayed social safety net” in the US, political interference in public health and eroded trust in the public sector. These and other factors would have resulted in a “catastrophic US response to the corona pandemic”.

The Trump administration has lifted protective measures for workers and the environment, the editorial continued. The country is closing itself off from the outside world, it wants to withdraw from international agreements and the World Health Organization. The article called on voters to vote to “rejoin the world community for a more equitable and sustainable future”.

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