Hayden Panettiere came to her senses after a series of scandals: “Everything is very good”


The 31-year-old actress looks to the future with hope.

As recently as last summer, Hayden Panettiere made headlines for her abusive relationship with boyfriend Brian Hickerson. But it seems that now the actress has completely gone through the traumatic experience and is optimistic about the future. A source told People that the actress is enjoying “wonderful freedom.”

“Hayden is in excellent condition. Things are much better and she is very excited about the future. She has several projects in her work, ”the source said.

The insider also added that 31-year-old Panettiere constantly spends time with 6-year-old daughter Kaya Evdokia, whom she gave birth to from her ex-fiancé Vladimir Klitschko.

“She has a great relationship with Vladimir. Things are going very well, ”the insider summed up.

This week, Panettiere congratulated Klitschko on Instagram, paying tribute to the Ukrainian boxing champion on his 45th birthday. The actress and the athlete began dating in 2009, but broke up after 2 years. They later reconciled and got engaged in 2013, although they never tied the knot.

Kaia was born in Hawaii in December 2014. And reports of Hayden’s final break with Klitschko appeared in August 2018. After some time, the actress had already struck up an affair with Hickerson, not suspecting that their relationship would turn into domestic violence lawsuits.

Photo source: Legion-Media

Author: Svetlana Levkina

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