Head of Mayweather Promotions: “You are running ahead of the engine, giving Lopez star status.”


Mayweather Promotions CEO Leonard Ellerby does not share the general buzz about Teofimo López’s appeal as a public magnet.

“I think that you are running ahead of the locomotive, giving it a star status. He did exactly what was required of him. Teofimo is a good fighter, but they don’t become a star in boxing overnight. In general, I think that people too often began to use this term inappropriately. And just beating a fighter as good as you doesn’t make you a star. Remember even – and I will now give an example of how you guys are reporters – how the media rinsed it before the fight with Commee. He met with Nakatani in front of Kommee, fought an expressionless fight, and everyone began to question him … whatever.

He beat Commie and Lomachenko – hats off, he did what he had to, good job. Teofimo is a cool, young fighter, but I would not sign him up as a star yet. How, and how big arenas is he capable of assembling? This is unknown to me. I haven’t seen a guy heading the evening yet. Of course, he is on the right path, on the path of becoming what people think that he should become, and I wish him only the best, he is an excellent boxer. “

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